Welcome! You have taken an important step towards positive change and personal growth. SiCare is here to assist you with this journey by providing the help and support you need with life’s challenges. Whether you are struggling with managing mental health problems, or coping with major life changes such as job loss, relationship issues, parenting or daily stressors, we are here to help.


What do you need help with? We provide in office counseling for:

bullet Anxiety/fear related issues, stress/PTSD, anger, depression
bullet Substance abuse issues
bullet Major life changes
bullet Self-esteem/self worth
bullet Relationship issues/spouse/partner/parent/child
bullet Work related issues/employee/employer/business consultation


We also provide online counseling through e-mail, online chat sessions, video counseling and telephone counseling for people who:

bullet Are feeling nervous about seeing a therapist in person
bullet May live to far or cannot devote the time for in-office sessions
bullet Find it too costly to maintain in office counseling
bullet Find it more enjoyable and easier to use the computer to obtain services
bullet Who live in other countries, have difficulty adjusting and desire a therapeutic relationship abroad. (English should be one of the languages spoken)

If you are interested in any of these services contact us today to set up an appointment.


Are you in Crisis?

If you are suicidal, homicidal or experiencing an emergency requiring immediate attention, contact your area crisis line or 911 immediately. This site should not be used as a substitute for a crisis line or emergency center.

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